Your patients will love Practimax eBooking

Reduce incoming calls and patient call wait times, decrease missed appointments and increase patient satisfaction with the Practimax eBooking solution for your medical clinic.


“90 % of surveyed Canadians said that if the functionality was available, they would be likely to book an appointment with their health care provider electronically.”

(Commissioned by Canada Health Infoway in February 2013, an Ipsos Reid Survey conducted through an online panel of 1675 adults asked whether he/she would “make appointments with his/her health care provider(s) electronically.”)



Patients book appointments any time – even when your clinic is closed


Increase efficiency and ease of access to your medical clinic by allowing your patients to book their appointments even when your clinic is closed. By providing patients multiple appointment options, the number of incoming calls is reduced, saving time for both staff and patients.

Practimax eBooking allows for Walk-in appointment management


Practimax eBooking can record appointments from the general public for your walk-in clinic, or restrict appointments to returning patients only.

Practimax eBooking allows for customizable appointment management


Configure the length and type of appointments offered for eBooking according to your preferences.  Allow a patient to book the next available appointment only with their own physician or the next available appointment with any physician at your clinic. 


Practimax eBooking sends automated email confirmation


Your patients will receive an email confirmation of the booked appointment along with an appointment notification to save to their calendar – reduce no-show rates.


Practimax eBooking is integrated with your Practimax system, so no unwanted double bookings


Automatically synchronize physician availabilities and preferences with appointments offered to patients while keeping Practimax EMR updated in real-time. All appointments are entered at the time they are booked, ensuring only one patient is booked per available appointment.