EMR for Specialists


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    James Collicutt, M.D., FRCSC
    Orthopaedic Surgeon

    I selected Practimax over other choices because it was the advice I was given by my colleagues. The support offered by the vendor has been excellent. When needed these people are only a phone call away.

Practimax EMR is customizable to suit the needs specific to any medical specialty.

  • Setup waitlists to manage incoming referrals
  • Easily triage referrals and assign priorities
  • Automatically fax in and out of the EMR system
  • Integration with PHS hospital scheduling system
  • Integration with Star hospital registration system
  • Specialty specific custom form templates
  • Integration with dragon dictate
  • Highly customizable interface
  • All Nova Scotia labs & Diagnostic Imaging results
  • Create perfectly formatted consult letters with info from the patient’s chart
  • Easily attach pictures and images to patient charts
  • Easily prescribe medications