The Electronic Medical Records System system that thinks like a doctor.
  • Is a room full of medical charts
    a headache and a burden?
  • 90% of surveyed Canadians said that if the functionality was available,
    they would be likely to book an appointment with their health care provider electronically.
    (Commissioned by Canada Health Infoway in February 2013, an Ipsos Reid Survey
    conducted through an online panel of 1675 adults asked whether he/she would
    "make appointments with his/her health care provider(s) electronically.")
  • Dr. Donna Gilmour, MD, FRCSC
    Gynaecology and Urogynaecology
    "Whether I am in my office, my satellite clinic, or performing surgery at the
    IWK Health Centre I have full access to all my patient charts.
    If I have any issues I don't have to call a call center somewhere
    and speak to someone I have never met before.
    I directly contact the Project Manager from Practimax
    who customized my EMR system and trained me on the software."
  • Stewart Cameron MD, FCFP, MAEd
    Associate Professor, Dalhousie Family Medicine
    "We chose Practimax EMR in 2003 as the best solution for our
    academic family practice."
    "Canada Health Infoway certification was an important validation that our
    EMR is continuing to be a state of the art product in a rapidly developing field."
  • Gary Altenkirk MD CCFP(EM)
    Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine
    "As a community family physician looking to the future I realized that
    an EMR in my office was a wise decision."
    "However after 2 years with Nightingale I found that I was not
    achieving the efficiency, ease of use or reliability that I was looking for.
    After switching to Practimax I have found the intuitive,
    reliable and cost effective EMR I was looking forward to."
  • Dr. James Collicutt M.D., FRCSC
    Orthopaedic Surgeon
    "I selected Practimax over other choices because it was the advice
    I was given by my colleagues. With my experience over the last 18 months,
    I can say that I am delighted that I made the move."
    "The support offered by the vendor has been excellent.
    When needed these people are only a phone call away.
    I would recommend this system to any of my colleagues."

Practimax, Nova Scotia's most advanced EMR system, is now part of TELUS Health.

  • Customized

  • Fully integrated

  • Server or Web

  • Local

  • Affordable

  • We customize the software for you, Customize – Don't Compromise

    You charted and ran your practice the same way for years and you still can, with our highly customizable Practimax EMR system. Our IT Project Managers will customize your Practimax EMR System during the implementation process according to your workflow. And after using Practimax for a few weeks if you decide you want to change things around we will do that for you without any additional costs.

  • Fully integrated – Practimax is the only system your practice needs.

    Fully integrated with:

    • MSI Billing

    • eBooking
    • eResults from all the District Health Authorities in Nova Scotia
    • All Provincial forms available as Smart Forms
    • Relay Health (Personal Health Records)
    • Transcribed Reports 
    • PHS McKesson hospital scheduling system
    • STAR McKesson hospital registration system

  • Server or Web Based EMR System – You Choose

    At Practimax we give you the option to use a Server Based EMR system or a Web
    Based EMR system. We believe that you the physician should be able to choose what
    works best for you without being forced to use one or another.

    Benefits of a Server Based EMR System:
    • Use your EMR even when the internet is down
    • No issues with slowness due to internet speeds
    • Have full control over your patient data (Data stored on site)
    • Good for rural areas where internet speeds are limited
    • Fast upload of large image files and scanned documents

    Benefits of a Web Based EMR System:
    • No Server needed on site – Benefit for smaller clinics with space restrictions
    • Good for solo practitioners
    • Good for mobile practitioners who operate out of different clinics or hospitals
    • Don't have to worry about housing or maintaining a server

  • Choose Local – Local physicians are our number 1 Priority

    When you are away on vacation who do you trust to look in on your house? You ask your family, friends or neighbours. This is because they are local and you trust them.

    Practimax has been a trusted advisor supporting Nova Scotia & PEI physicians and clinics since 1999. Practimax is a Nova Scotia success story and we solely cater to physicians in Nova Scotia and PEI.  Unlike our competitors who cater to other larger demographics first our priorities are only to the local physicians of Nova Scotia & PEI.

  • Fully Funded – Eligible for maximum DHW-DNS Master Agreement Funding

    Nova Scotia Master Agreement Funding available per Physician*

    One­time EMR implementation grant


    Annual participation grant for participation in EMR education activities


    Annual Utilization grant


    * Master Agreement Funding currently available..

    ** Average allocation per Physician using EMR's in 2014. The actual amount each physician receives depends on the extent to which they use the EMR system. Physicians must have billed $30,000 through the EMR by April 2016 to qualify for annual incentive.