Eric Balser MD

Hello Practimax Team,
I have heard about the big change  This is not entirely surprising.  It is my sincere hope that this brings substantial personal and professional benefit for each of you, considering the effort you have put into creating one of the best Electronic Medical Records in Canada.
You have never wavered from producing a comprehensive, intuitive, and, most importantly, a patient and physician focused EMR.  Dymaxion has stayed competitive in a less than favourable Nova Scotian environment because of you and the people around you.  You have been approachable and adaptable despite the pressures of needing to compete in this market.
I want to thank you for helping me along all these years.  I wish you well and hope you’re taking an opportunity to relax as part of this big change.  I hope to see you again sometime soon.

Mark Pennell MD

Dear Practimax
I am flying solo again and happily. I had temporary help (one morning per week) but she left. Practimax is an amazing tool, and with your help I have adapted it and incorporated it so I can happily manage on my own. The online booking is a great help and patients love it.
Thanks and I'm happy to be a reference resource for potential new clients.
An anesthetist called me today from the QE11 and I saw it was the QE11 and picked up the phone. She needed information about the patient she was seeing and with a few clicks I sent her everything within two minutes. She was amazed and said with emphasis that she had never ever received such service.


Mark Pennell

Gary Altenkirk MD CCFP(EM)

Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine

As a community family physician looking to the future I realized that an  EMR in my office was a wise decision.  However after 2 years with Nightingale I found that I was not achieving the efficiency, ease of use or reliability that I was looking for.   After switching to Practimax I have found the intuitive, reliable and cost effective EMR I was looking forward to.  The rapid personal response to queries offered by Practimax support is a refreshing change.  I think any physician in Nova Scotia considering an EMR should carefully consider their options and will find Practimax is an excellent EMR.  Switching EMRs is much more difficult than starting with the right one the first time...  look before you leap!"

Dr. Donna Gilmour, MD, FRCSC
Gynaecology and Urogynaecology

I chose Practimax EMR due to its flexibility that allows me to run my practice the way I want.  Whether I am in my office, my satellite clinic, or performing surgery at the IWK Health Centre I have full access to all my patient charts.  This flexibility allows me to achieve a better quality of life by spending less time in the office and more time with my children. Also since all I have to carry around is my laptop I bike everywhere I need to go.  Since Practimax is a local Nova Scotian company, if I have any issues I don’t have to call a call center somewhere and speak to someone I have never met before.  I directly contact the Project Manager from Practimax who customized my EMR system and trained me on the software.  I highly recommend Practimax to any physician looking for a customizable flexible EMR that will adapt to the way they run their practice.

James Collicutt, M.D., FRCSC
Orthopaedic Surgeon

I selected Practimax over other choices because it was the advice I was given by my colleagues.  With my experience over the last 18 months, I can say that I am delighted that I made the move.  Although this was a procedure that I thought about for a long time, the transition was really quite smooth.  I believe that it has made my practice more efficient for the long-term.  The support offered by the vendor has been excellent.  When needed these people are only a phone call away.

I would recommend this system to any of my colleagues.

Stewart Cameron MD, FCFP, MAEd
Associate Professor, Dalhousie Family Medicine

We chose Practimax EMR in 2003 as the best solution for our academic family practice. Canada Health Infoway certification was an important validation that our EMR is continuing to be a state of the art product in a rapidly developing field. It is also a critical step in maintaining connectivity with our provincial information system.